"What's He Building in There???"

Passing along a project list that I'll come back and update as much as I can-- My two BIG comic projects I'm focusing on are: ZARA and STAY SCARED.

Stay Scared is a horror anthology with 6 original stories by myself and illustrated from 5 different artists. I'm excited about this one because some of these are stories I've sat on for years. Back in college I wrote a horror anthology screenplay that was made into weak film. Since that experience left a sour taste, I've been wanting to come back and do it right. The title is a nod to the George A. Romero.

ZARA I haven't really hyped as much. This is more a project that we'll see after Stay Scared. Zara is a brutal stone age fantasy comic that is focuses on a character's rise from sacrificial lamb to a god of war. I'm shooting for at least 100 pages with this comic. The story focuses in on Zara who at a young age is chosen to be a sacrifice to the gods for her tribe. When she becomes of age to be sacrificed, a merciless monsoon leads the tribe to believe the gods have rejected her as a sacrifice. She's exiled from the tribe to live with a 'witch' and her warrior combanion on a mountain. There she learns dark combat techniques and that gods can be killed after all. After seeing smoke pluming from her village, she chooses to return home and discovers that it has been pillaged and her sister has been abducted by the raiders. Zara sets out to rescue her sister and take revenge after the gods that abandoned them.

I've never written a fantasy story before-- and I'm still surprised that I am to be honest. It's not my genre, but I love the world Zara lives in and I really like where her character arc will go. Here's a page from the book below: