2019 UPDATE!

Woo! Been a while, right? I've been working on a huge project for about 3 months. We just wrapped on it about a month ago, and I feel like I'm just coming out of hibernation. That project took a ton of focus and I had to cut out a lot to keep my mind constantly in that world.

I really think it paid off too. I'm extremely proud of it, and I cannot wait to share more once it's announced. I promise I'll spend more posts teasing it as the weeks go by. (The photo at the top is a hint though!)

Here's a quick update and I'll try to keep it short-- Back in August Mad Cave Studios announced that they were launching a talent search. I submitted in

and I had the fortunate luck of making the cut in their selection! I've since been working with them to put out a 5 issue run on one of their new IPs. I'll have a lot more to talk about once the series is announced.

Next up--Alterna's IF Anthology was released earlier this month and The Crib looks great in it! If you're looking for a bunch of great horror shorts, pick up that book.

Stay Scared is slightly delayed, but all the stories are lettered and collected in a PDF. I'm still missing a cover. I'd like to have this completed before I shop it around to a publisher.

Right now I'm working on several shorts to submit to various anthologies. Two are pitches and two are illustrated shorts. One I know will be published in October this year.

As far as this site goes, I'm going to try to focus on videos and making a section for script excerpts.

I may not be too active on here, but I swear I'm working!