End Summer 2019 Update!

This has been a busy year and it doesn't look like its slowing down one bit. Let's start with current happenings before we jump into what's on the horizon. There's no way I could start this update out without celebrating Show's End #1 going into second printing. I'm delighted with the response and I can't wait to show folks what's in store for issues #2-#5. Here's the cover for the 2nd printing:

You can purchase Show's End at you local comic shop or head over Comixology.

Next up Rebecca McConnell and I have a free Webcomic available to read now: Dreamspace: For Sale or Lease. Dreamspace is about a world where advertisements have taken control of our dreams. Check it out and please rate and share if possible!

In the fall I will be making an appearance in a few horror anthologies for Gravely Unusual Magazine, Guerrilla Publishing's Tales from the Cryptic Closet, and IT Came Out on a Wednesday. And coming next year are two new comic series, which I will talk about more as the releases approach.

I wanted to keep this short and easy to scroll. For anything else follow me on twitter @Ant_Cleveland. I'm most active there.